VM-Print by Fran Holzapfel: Infinite Design / Tell Magazine

VM-Print by Fran Holzapfel: Infinite Design / Tell Magazine

Customize spaces and achieve dream enviroments. That is the premise of wallpapers, an undisputed trend in terms of decoration, papers with a 3D effect, textured or vinyl. And also hand-painted on silk. The offer is wide and the possibilities are endless.


VM Print's showroom has hundreds of wallcoverings, painted and textured. In the inns rest catalogs full of color and illustrations, most of their own authorship. Although in the beginning Fran Holzapfel, its creator, was focused on visual merchandising with the design of showcases and different types of graphics, over time he decided to create his own printing factory.

After many trial and error experiments, where she also had to adjust machines, supplies, color curves, temperatures, special inks, among many other things, Francisca achieved her first adhesive wallpaper. That day VM+Print was born.

"The phrase that motivates me to this day is one of Albert Einstein, who says "Intelligence is creativity having fun". I am fascinated by what I do, I am convinced that wanting is power".

What role do wallpapers play in a decoration?
He is an ally with a thousand faces. It not only dresses the walls, but also transforms them, showing an artistic and functional facet. The wall papers achieve not only stylish environments, but the designs join the interior design in a dominant way.

What role do wallpapers play in a decoration?
Creativity is found everywhere. Most of my designs come hand in hand with the experiences I have lived on my travels, where I observe, analyze and enjoy at all times, managing to acquire experiences and knowledge that inspire me.

What inspires you to design them?
Creativity is found everywhere. Most of my designs come hand in hand with the experiences I have lived on my travels, where I observe, analyze and enjoy at all times, managing to acquire experiences and knowledge that inspire me.

Do you have a favorite style?
Personally, there are styles that I like more than others, but the goal of my brands is to be versatile, where the main thing is to create infinite designs for all kinds of tastes.

What do you recommend when decorating a space?
Before starting to design it is important to talk with the client. See what things you like and work based on a concept. Then I study all the spaces; if, for example, there is a small one, my goal is to transform it into a larger place. One piece of advice that I can give, to achieve that amplitude, is to use a paper with a drawing or landscape that has depth. The key is to choose the right paper to achieve a harmonious space.

Are walls with paint also involved?
I consider that painting is a good complement for wall papers. At the moment it is not a product that we sell, but we do advise our clients on the color palette they should use. Regarding wall papers, we do sell hand-painted silk wallpapers, in our Chinoiserie line.


Art in Thirst

Francisca's house has wallpapers installed in the living room, in the children's bedrooms, in her room and in the living room. They are all applied on just one wall. "It is essential that one can live and see the behavior of the products you sell."

Do you import some papers or are they all designed by you?
We imported some base papers. In the case of silks, it is a product developed and created just for us. In parallel, we created an exclusive brand called Tinthas, which is an art wallpaper with predefined designs, using silk or cotton as the main raw material. Each collection is inspired by different cultures, by decades of art and music, and world travel, which inescapably mark an identity. The designs with broderie and the hand-painted ones stand out.

Can a role be designed?
In our studio you can make color changes or we can propose a personalized design. If it is a design that we see has potential, it does not have an additional cost and is added to our catalog, or you have the option of making it exclusive and unique to you.

Recommendations when choosing a wallpaper?
We must consider what use we want to give it, where we will install it and the material that best suits the characteristics of each piece. If you are looking for sophistication and to personalize a space, it is the ideal option. The advice of a professional is always recommended, who will be able to dispel all your doubts and install the wallpaper correctly.

What do you advise for a bedroom?
Before, the room was completely wallpapered, from floor to ceiling and all the walls. Today we see that the paper is used to accentuate, covering only one wall or two walls at an angle. Give wallpapers a try with light, patterned or subtle backgrounds. They will help you achieve depth and light and that will make the space "feel" larger. Avoid saturated patterns or with many elements. Look for the effect, but applying simplicity.

And for the bathrooms?
That is another of the novelties: the staging of wall papers, which resist humidity and are an alternative to porcelain tiles. They look fabulous in guest bathrooms and kitchens! It is an excellent option if you are renting a house and you do not like the bathroom; you can give it a more sophisticated or daring appearance.

How to achieve a cozy space?
Colors and designs play a key role in achieving a warmer environment. Those that imitate natural materials, such as wood, or replicate natural scenes are widely used.

There are people who wallpaper furniture...
Logically, when we think of wallpaper, the first thing that comes to mind is applying it to walls, but you can also use it to renovate your furniture. Paper shelves, cover drawers or line the bottom of a bookcase or kitchen furniture. The result is impressive and unique.