Termini e Condizioni

The client must strictly comply with the rules and conditions issued by Wall & Deco SpA for the fulfillment of the guarantees established in the consumer law. These are detailed below. If you have any doubt or question, you can write to us at ventas@vmprint.cl

Commercial Policy

Wall & Deco SpA will offer a guarantee in accordance with current legislation applied to consumers, either: 

For product failures as long as it is related to manufacturing and is notified to our company before the installation is carried out). In this case, the customer is the one who must bring it to the store to be reviewed, along with the ticket or invoice. 

We do not have money refunds or right of withdrawal after the purchase, since it is a custom-made product.

In the case of associated services, Wall & Deco SpA will be responsible for those that are performed by the team and that were included in the quote and payment associated with the purchase. In the case of services provided by third parties, such as recommended installers, Wall & Deco SpA will not grant any guarantee and the product loses the post-installation guarantee.

We will only be responsible for services provided by Wall & Deco SpA, and that were paid directly to our company; For example: Measurement of walls at home, installation of wallpaper, office or other.

Steps of a purchase

In the event that the client does not request the home measurement service, he must always provide the measurements in the order "WIDTH by HEIGHT" of each wall, also indicating the presence of windows and/or doors, and these have an opening with the wall. (existence of visible wall between the front of the wall and the beginning of the door or window.

The measurements must be sent by email or delivered to the project advisor in our showroom.

Finally, the client must indicate the code of the chosen design, and in the event of a request for modifications in the extra design to the dimensioning, he must accept the cost of this, which will be included in the budget. Wall & Deco SpA will send the latter to the customer by email or in a printed quote in our showroom. The quote will indicate in addition to the price, the detail of the measurements for each wall, types of designs, special requests, if it contemplates installation and the delivery date. In this last point, the client is responsible for verifying the information, since once the product is manufactured, it is not feasible to make changes.

Product recall

The customer must present his identity card for the withdrawal of his purchase. If a different person will attend, you must notify us by email of the name of the person who will make the withdrawal. It is extremely important that the customer check their products before leaving the store.

Shipping of products

If the client requests shipping collect, Wall & Deco SpA will charge for the management of sending it to the Post Office, Chilexpress or Starken branch an amount of ,000 VAT included (maximum 10 rolls).

The responsibility for the shipment by Wall & Deco SpA ends once the package is delivered to the company that will carry out the dispatch. Any claim associated with loss, loss or delay in dispatch will be the sole responsibility of the company that makes the shipment.

Products Duration

The price delivered to a client will be valid for 5 business days, or if the quote was made within the same calendar month.

Payment Methods

All our products and/or services must be paid 100% at the time of purchase. Partial payments are not accepted.

Payment can be made by electronic transfer to the current account of Wall & Deco SpA, or payment in person with cash, daily check (prior approval by a commercial background check entity), or transbank system (debit/credit). In the case of credit cards, the client can pay in the installments that their bank allows with the current interest (Most banks accept cash price installments)

The ticket or invoice will be sent by email, to the address that the client provides at the time of purchase. This is automatically sent by our Nubox accounting system, so we recommend checking for spam in some cases that do not arrive directly in the inbox.

Purchase orders

A company purchase order will be valid as a guarantee of a future payment, only in the event that the client has a line of credit granted by Wall & Deco SpA, or that it is accompanied by a dated check authorized by management. In the case of distributors, sending a request not accompanied by proof of payment will cause delays in the order manufacturing process.

Delivery times

The wall paper quote must be paid 100%, and after that the estimated days for each paper run, and they must be picked up by the client in our showroom on the date indicated at the time of purchase, as long as the requirements are met. established deadlines for design approval by the client. It must be remembered that, since the product is made to order and custom-made, there is no exchange or return policy.

Minimum sale of paper

In the case of Wall & Deco SpA wallpaper, the minimum sale is 1 square meter.

Material calculation

Responsibility for taking measurements, calculating rolls, choosing the paper (product code), using the appropriate glue and installation, will be the sole responsibility of the customer. This will happen only in the case of not contracting and canceling our installation and rectification services.

Special considerations

The colors of the wall papers always vary, due to the batches of each production.

The place chosen for the installation of a wallpaper must be painted on the wall with water-based enamel in the tone of the wallpaper to be installed, since the wallpaper could be lifted or collected due to the effect of the paint or the color of the tone may show through.

- The paper can be collected, be careful that the sun hits the paper directly as it can cause it to be collected, even though some have special protection.

- When installing the paper, keep the area clear, and the walls clear until the paper dries, after 4 to 5 days, take special care, it should dry at even room temperature.

- Our papers are NOT guaranteed against deterioration due to the passage of time, the place and the environment where it is installed.

- Humidity and temperature affect the installation or the product.

- If the paint is engulfed it could cause the paper to lift, and it will not be the responsibility of the paper or the installation.

Wall & Deco Spa wallpaper installations

- As a company we can recommend installers with proven experience, however, the result obtained is the responsibility of the client and the installer, we cannot guarantee this installation; as well as the payment and coordination of services provided by a third party outside the company.

- Offer the complete installation and measurement service in which we are responsible for the correct installation of the wallpaper and the payment of the installer is made by Wall & Deco SpA, the price of this type of service may vary with respect to that delivered directly by an installer, for guarantee and coordination receipts.

- The home visit carried out by Wall & Deco SpA will have a base cost, in case it cannot be installed or there is no one in the place that allows entry to take measurements or installation. The person from our company will have to leave and the cost of this visit will not be refundable. The services of rectification, installation of wallpaper, guarantees, and special installations, always have additional costs to the product, since they are independent services and it is optional for the client and they are paid directly to the company, for which the schedule and the installation day will be at the customer's choice subject to availability.

Guarantees for taking measurements, rectifications of measurements and installations

The rectification of measurements and revision of the place is a technical visit by a professional teacher, before or after an installation for the calculation of material and/or evaluation of the enclosure. The rectification of measurements in the field will be carried out only for the codes of products previously selected in the store and in the presence of the client, (according to the required drops of the selected paper and the fit). The client must be present.

It is responsible for the calculation of the wallpaper contained in the rectification when our installation service has been contracted, as long as the client is present and mentions exactly the type of wallpaper that is going to be put on each wall, dimensions and fit (the one that measured must be the same as the installer). The information must be provided by the client and the information we have cannot be ambiguous.

Once the installation is done, the customer must accept and review the work done with the installer present. If you find any detail in the work carried out, you must notify our showroom immediately by phone, whatsapp or email, being able to attach photos, to analyze and resolve the requirement as soon as possible.

For collateral damage such as those caused by humidity, heat, friction, poor handling, blocking of objects or conditions of that installation, the company does NOT respond free of charge, since it is not included in the value of the installation.

If you want to repair the damage, you must pay for the new visit and send photographs to the store; once installed and after a few weeks or days, if the paper opens between seams or peels; You will have to pay for the visit, since this does not usually happen, and if it happens it is due to the effects of temperature, sun or humidity. The seams of the papers can open.

The installation in objects that are not walls, having so many cuts, an additional value is charged to the rate per square meter. The customer should consider that the location where the wallpaper is installed and the finishes at that location affect the result of the installation.

If the installation is contracted, Wall & Deco SpA is responsible for the poor execution of the installer, not for other factors (environmental, humidity problems, heat, leaks, misuse, object blockage, etc.). If any error or additional visit to the day of installation is the responsibility of the client, it will be charged.

The customer should let the paper dry at room temperature and not rush this process as the paper may shrink.

Wall & Deco SpA considers double height: walls over 2.50 m, cuts in stairs and installation in simple furniture, having a different value than the standard installation, installation in ceilings is also charged additionally.

We reiterate the importance that the client who requested the service is present when going to install or rectify. If there is no one to take responsibility, our team will have to withdraw and the client will have to reschedule and the client will have to pay for the new visit of the Wall & Deco SpA team.

In case of not contracting the service of rectification of measurements and evaluation of the enclosure, the client is responsible for the amount of paper that he buys. If the measurements do not match the reality of the surface, the customer must call the store to cancel the difference in wallpaper through a new estimate, which includes a greater amount of wallpaper, repairs and/or removal of wallpaper.

If the client is not present during the installation of the wallpaper, he loses the guarantee of responsibility for the calculation of the wallpaper and installation.

The company has a minimum installation, any installation under that amount will be charged with the minimum installation + freight of the sector, whether it is arrangement or repair, visits or installations poorly calculated by the client.

We do not install, much less guarantee products that have not been purchased from Wall & Deco SpA.

We do not guarantee the installation of paper in objects that are not walls, but we provide the installation service of these under the responsibility of the client.

Installation Considerations

It is important to emphasize that the texture of the paper helps to hide the imperfections of the walls, the smoother the more noticeable the imperfection, which depends on the client (condition of the walls) not on the installation.  The company does not have changes for satisfaction. It is important to point out that the deadlines that are published or mentioned in the store or quotes are and will always be referential and estimated, based on the usual delays, since if there is any unforeseen event we will have to reschedule, the client must be present at all times.  

It may happen that over time the paper opens at the joints due to ambient temperature, this can happen.

Paper removal on walls and surfaces

The cost of paper installation does not include the cost of removing existing paper. Existing paper removal does not include surface leveling and repairs. Neither is the responsibility of moving furniture. Repairs are the sole responsibility of the customer. The quotes to repair the walls will only be made once all the wallpaper has been removed in order to have total clarity about the state of the surface.

Claims in installation

The guarantee of the installation is immediate, and the company is not responsible for the installation after the removal of the installer from the site. The client must notify as soon as possible any disagreement both to the installer on site and to the company, no more than 5 days must have passed since the installation, in any scenario, the client must cancel the new visit if there is any disagreement. Outside this period, the company's minimum repair or installation will be quoted, apart from the transfer, as long as the client has been present at the installation. It is important to mention that after installing the paper it is perfectly normal for air bubbles to remain, which should not be touched, as they are absorbed in 2 to 4 days. Any alteration after installation by the customer is outside of our warranty.

It is important to emphasize that the state of the walls and the place of installation affects its result. If the cornices, door frames and/or dust covers are deteriorated or old, it can make the final paper installation not neat (due to the state of these items). It is the customer's responsibility to change them, put silicone or sealants if necessary. The installation we carry out is made of paper and not of structures. The installation of wallpaper on the edge of a wall may have frequent friction, so future damages are the responsibility of the client. It is recommended to use profiles on these edges. The painting of the walls could become encompassed, and open the union of the papers, in that case it is the responsibility of the client. Since we are not responsible for the painting, nor for environmental factors.

Movement of furniture and objects

Wall & Deco SpA will not be responsible for moving furniture, lamps, stoves, toilets or other objects, it is the customer's responsibility to leave the space clear.

If it is necessary to move any highly complex object, this will be reported to the client and there may be an additional cost, or alternatively, a letter signed by the client will be required where he exempts us from all responsibility for the movement of these objects, since it is It is your duty to clear the area, and it is understood that this work is not part of the installation, and we will not be held responsible.

The conditions for the installation must be optimal, the area clean, clear and the client must be present or leave someone in charge, both to review and for the installer's consultations during the process.


1) The rectification or installation schedules can be variable in the morning, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Time of arrival and completion of the work to be carried out on the ground).

2) The installations will be fixed when the papers are manufactured and sent to our showroom, choosing the closest date that both the client and the installer can.

3) After-hours installation is considered Monday through Friday after 6:00 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

4) In case of not having parking for the installer, you must mention it so that this cost is included in the budget or reimbursed to the installer.


Wall & Deco SpA has a tariff for the different complementary services to wall paper. These may include in a quote:

Measurement rectification visit

Project advisor visit to choose designs

Wallpaper installation visit

This may include surcharges for installation in ceilings, heights greater than 2.5 meters, guest toilets with a high level of complexity, or request for special hours outside of business hours.

Additional charges to our services and products

  1. DELIVERY TO HOMES/MAIL BRANCH: Wall & Deco SpA will charge an additional value to the shipping cost receivable (value of Chilexpress, Starken or other delivery provider), for the associated management. We do not guarantee the price of the service provided by these companies, which will vary depending on the size, weight and number of rolls.
  2. DISTANCE TO THE PLACE OF INSTALLATION: Wall & Deco SpA will charge a special installation value if the place is outside the urban radius, or outside of Santiago.
  3. REPAIR OF WALLS: Also if there is repair of walls, an additional charge is made for patches, repairs and materials.
  4. INSTALLATION IN OBJECTS OR FURNITURE: the price varies if it is installed in furniture, walls, double height, stairs or spaces with many cuts.
  5. PARKING: the price varies if it is installed in commercial premises, or places with parking fees, which will be charged as an extra, unless the client assigns a free parking lot.
If not mentioned by the customer at the time of purchase, you must pay directly to the installer.